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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

" 'An Imperfect Utopia,' although it deals with very important topics, is a light and delicate performance, a play like the songs sung during it. It does not press, does not overwhelm, does not close - it opens, familiarizes, gives space... There is no shortage of historical features - basic facts and landmarks in the history of emancipatory, queer movements, but the strength of the performance is the closeness of the performers, also literal, as there is no division between stage and audience, a bar is running, rainbow sweets are circulating."

Aneta Kyzioł, Polityka (an imperfect utopia, directing and writing)

"The international ensemble has created a performance experience that is different from anything produced in Polish theater to date. The great strength of this performance is its courage, unpretentiousness and truly bravura acting, in which traditional craft is complemented by an openness to making significant breakthroughs."

Przemek Gulda (an imperfect utopia, directing and writing)

“Director Noémi Ola Berkowitz eloquently explores questions of mental illness, creativity and family with a nuanced interpretation of Auburn’s brilliant text. "

​The Stanford Daily (Proof, directing)


“Macbeth and Lady Macbeth (Noémi Berkowitz) exhibit a caliber of acting talent rarely seen in such high concentration on Stanford stages.”

​The Stanford Arts Review (Macbeth, acting)


Premiered an imperfect utopia, a play I directed and co-wrote, in July 2023 at the Munich Kammerspiele Schauspielhaus and in Oct 2022 at TR Warsaw.  Top 10 Nachtkritik Charts in Germany.

Recently hosted/interviewed artists at the 2023 Berlin Music Video Awards.

For more about "an imperfect utopia" -

Some great reviews (in German) here (Nachtkritik) and here (Münchner Merkur) and (in Polish) here (Polityka) and here (Dziennik Teatralny) and here (Gulda Poleca).


Here is a video preview and interview in German (München TV) and an interview in English/Polish about queer theater

Director. Actor.
and Interviewer, Translator, Writer, Dreamer...

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